Yellowstone all but shuts down in late October.  Few tourists and hardly any services made it feel like I had the park to myself.  I arrived early on a chilly Thursday morning to a dusting of fresh snow and headed straight for the Grand Canyon…of the Yellowstone.  The parking lot was empty and the only prints on the trail were from a fox!

Elk flock to the north entrance of Yellowstone


Falls on the Yellowstone River


Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone!


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  1. We too were in Yellowstone near the end of September. Did not realize that we were entering during the last week of the summer/fall season. As a number of facilities had already closed, those that remained available were very crowded! It was nice however to have many trails all to our self. Being able to walk for miles without running into other hikers was a treat!
    Of course, Yellowstone is recommended anytime.
    Our next goal will be to make a visit in the winter. A bit more expensive due to travel and lodging limitations, but something I think we need to do at least once.

    Nice pictures by the way.


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