La Playa ¨Bonita¨

I just ate sand.  It wasn´t because some friendly locals invited me come eat tacos, drink caguamas and play beach soccer until passing out (though that would have been rad!)  Yet, there was drinking involved.

After a shower and a breakfast of standard hostel fare I heated water for a mate.  I decided there was no reason to sit in the hostel and sip my beverage when I could opt for the beach instead.  Hell, I was in Mexico! Besides, I needed to get out of town – a wet, salty, little vacation.

I navigated my way to the bus stop without even a hiccup, which is impressive when the desk clerk´s directions include taco stands as landmarks.  A bus puttered up immediately.  Chamera.  Isn´t that what he had said?  Surely, the first bus to pull up must be meant for me.  Unfortunately, not every bus in Mexico goes to the beach. 

It was just about siesta, which signified that the rest of the city was leaving downtown with me.  I chose a window seat, you know, for the view.  Rookie mistake.  The relentless sun pulsated through the window.  

Noticing the sweat dripping off my body (or perhaps the smell) the driver turned around, “it’s hot, huh?”  We were now high enough in the hills for me to realize that hammocks and Mai Tais were nowhere nearby. 

“Yeah,” I replied, “really hot.”  He proceeded to tell me that I had gotten on the wrong bus and would have to finish the loop and get off where I’d started.


Don´t believe the hype

A couple hours later, I arrived at my destination.  Much to my chagrin, “Playa Bonita” was merely a clever name.  Since there were few garbage cans or ashtrays around, people had decided to use coarse, cement chunk sand as their receptacle.  Still, I wanted to make the best of it.  I stripped down, high-stepped the broken bottles and cigarette butts, pushed through the seaweed, and sunk into the murky water.  It felt surprisingly good.  Things were looking up.

I hopped onto the beach, poured warm water into my long-awaited mate, and instantly knocked it over onto the cement chunk, broken bottle, ashtray sand.  At this point you either laugh or cry.  I let out a chuckle and picked up the straw for take #2.  I gracefully drew the infusion into my mouth, held it, and chomped a gob of cement chunk, broken bottle, ashtray sand.  So much for the Playa Bonita.


One response to this post.

  1. ahahah this is funny. For how long where you in Mexico?

    Did you get to visit
    puerto penasco?


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