Quetzaltrekkers: La vida diaria

I’m nearly three months into volunteering with Quetzaltrekkers and have yet to write anything about it.  The reason: being a guide is a very intensive (and rewarding) commitment.  We eat, cook, live, work and play together.  It’s one big team and there isn’t any kind of director.  We’re all here by choice and we run everything from finances to promotions to the website.  As volunteers we commit to a minimum of three months and it is our responsibility to recruit and train new guides.    It’s humbling to know that this process has been successfully repeating itself for 15 years.

When you cook for a minumum of twelve, the dishes never end.

So what does a Quetzaltrekker do? Well, we hike.  But it’s not all that simple.  If you’re not on a trek you’re probably in the office for about 12 hours/day washing filthy trek dishes, hand-coloring our rad posters, chopping endless amounts of vegetables and explaining why the 6-day Nebaj to Todos Santos hike is the greatest of all.

Hangin out with the kids!

All the profits from the hikes help fund a local school here in Xela called Escuela de la Calle and the dormitory Hogar Abierto.  Our QT family has the privilege of getting to know and love the 20 kids in the Hogar through dinners, soccer games, water fights and tons of roughhousing.  Ask any trekker who’s been here long enough and he’ll tell you it’s because of “the kids”.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m Argentinean, a friend of mine who knows you passed the link of this blog and i just …cant even hold on to the idea of what you are living through.. it blows my mind off.
    I wanted to know how you became a guide, what are the requests for becoming one in this “organization” you are working right know. Im a student of Biology starting 3rd year out of 4, but as soon as I finish I dream of doing something similar to what you are doing right now.
    Please contact me!
    best wishes


  2. Posted by snordq on 25 February, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    hola Inès!
    definitely check out the Quetzaltrekkers website http://www.quetzaltrekkers.com/guathome.html.
    The basic requirements are Spanish/English ability, First Aid training and hiking and backcountry experience. It`s a three month minimum commitment, but the longer the better!
    Glad your stoked on it!


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