Travel Resources

Whether your feet are just starting to itch, you’re mid-way into travel plans, or already on the road, it’s great to be able to reference useful travel information.  During my planning phases I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of information available online.  Research is fun, but sifting through travel blogs and sites can get tedious.  I hope this list can help you quickly find valuable knowledge — Less time planning means more time experiencing!

General Travel

Vagabonding – When it comes to long-term travel, nobody does it better than Rolf Potts.  Check out his book Vagabonding and you’ll fly out of your cubicle faster than Peter Gibbons.

Matador Travel – Great travel site/community with useful tips.  Lots of info on travel writing as well.

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree – If you want to talk travel with like-minded peers, then this is your community.

BootsnAll – A wealth of information for independent travelers.

Road Junky – Another unique travel community that can help with everything from pre-trip planning and motivation to on-the-road regional advice.

Vagabondish – Just as they say “The Travelzine for Today’s Vagabond.”

World Hum – It’s like a newspaper for travelers…but cooler.

Vagabond Journey – User-friendly, practical guide for budget travel.

Art of Travel – Straight-forward and informative.

What to Bring

This is a super tough question for most people.  Many travel bloggers show what they’ve packed, but I often found myself thinking “well my trip isn’t going to be like their trip.”  However, there are some basic guidelines.

Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere gives a photo and clear layout of the essentials.

The Longest Way Home features what he brought and why its necessary.

For an customized list with general to-do’s, try the Universal Packing List

Check out a list and visual of what I’m carrying on my adventures.

How to fund your travels

  • Work and volunteer along the way. Check out all of my opportunities for seasonal work.
  • Have an amazing idea? Get people excited about it and let them foot the bill with Kickstarter.
  • Give up your stuff.
  • Couchsurf your way around the world.
  • Why pay for a bus when you could Hitch!

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